Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's brand inspires pop art movement.

Just a few days ago, Barack Obama was officially sworn-in as our new president. Looking back, there were many marketing lessons that any business could learn from Obama's campaign, but perhaps the strongest is the power of having a strong AND shareable brand. Obama's logo and brand identity were consistently used across all his communications, but also treated with a flexibility that would drive many holders of a brand identity completely mad. Instead of taking a closed approach to his brand identity, the Obama campaign let people remix the brand for their own uses. Hundreds and thousands of creative designs using the Obama's Campaign logo and his face have turned up on art, posters, tshirts, decals, etc. Only making him the best marketed president to this day. "Pop Art" style is the most popular style being used on fashion tees and posters. Try you shot to fame by posting yourself on a poster Obama style:

Obama - Yes We Can shirt
Obama - Yes We Can by spacedust
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