Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How to make profit on Zazzle

Top 10 Tips to Make Money on Zazzle

Tip # 1 - Be Creative & Organized!
There is nothing worse then a boring unorganized gallery. Upload your own logo and color coordinate your page with you logo.

Organize your products by theme (Baby, Wedding, Photography). Don't put all of your work into one catagory. It makes it really hard to search for products. Also use subcatagories (Aprons, Buttons, T-Shirts).

Feature a Product line. You can have 5 Featured lines.

Tip # 2 - Open an Associate Account
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An Associate Account will allow you to earn an additional 15%-32% when you link customers to Zazzle through your website, blog, MySpace, Squidoo, etc. Plus get Volume Bonuses!

An Associate Account can be a powerful tool.

Tip # 3 - Choose Your Content
Are you an artist, photographer, painter, graphic designer or all 5? On Zazzle you can be everything.

When I first started doing Zazzle I only did my digital art. Then I realized that I could display my photography and graphics too. Don't limit yourself with one genre. A lot on galleries do focus on one theme which is fine but you can combine themes as long as you stay organized (See Tip # 1)

Most of your business will come from people searching for key words like dog, fractal art or wedding. Once they find your product an see your organized gallery they can search for other items the want. More is better!

Tip # 4 - Quantity = More Profits!
Zazzle is a numbers game. If you have 10 items you might sell something now and then. But if you have 10,000 items you are going to sell a lot. This is not to say that you should sacrifice quality for quantity, you need both.

The bottom line is the more product you have, the more you will sell so get moving!

Tip # 5 - Know What Product Fits Your Design.
Zazzle offer a lot of differant products. From Aprons to T-Shirts. The key is knowing what to put on each product. A T-Shirt that says "Super Mom" works, but putting that design on a tie looks stupid.

I have started putting art on a product only to realize that the size is not quite right. A round design on a square mouse pad might not look to cool.

Also think like a consumer. If you do a line of wedding cards also include the design on postage, postcards and stickers so that they can buy your design as a set. People love matching products.

Tip # 6 - Read & Learn
Zazzle offers a really comprehensive and easy to read web site. Read up on how to maximize your gallery. myZazzle has a ton of useful information and tips. Also use the "Help" section to answer basic questions.

Read the Zazzle Blog, Zazzle Tech Blog and Zazzle Contest Blog (See Feeds below) to stay current on the latest Zazzle news.

Tip # 7 - Join in!
Zazzle is an amazing community or artists and Zazzle promotes this community really well. Click on the Contributor link to see the lastest comments made on gallery walls and products. See who the busiest contributors are, whos's featured and who has the biggest fan club. It's a great place to meet your fellow Zazzlers and show off your products!

Check out the Pulse too. This is Zazzle's live real-time forum of what's cool and happening on Zazzle. See your newly created dseighns on the top of the screen.

Tip # 8 - Adjust your royalty amount!
Zazzle now allows you to change your royalty structure. You can now set the amount that you want for your royalty. 10% is the default amount.

Zazzle recommends that you set you royalty amount at 50% or less for products like T-shirts, buttons, mouse pads, mugs, etc. You want to stay competitive but not price yourself out of the market. On posters however many people are setting their royalty rates as high as 90%. Artwork can command top prices especially if you are a well know artist.

You can also change existing royalty settings all at once by following these simple instructions: Go to, My Zazzle, Account Settings, Contributor Information. The set the "Default Royalty Percentage". Check the box marked "Also set all your existing products to this Royalty Percentage?" to change your entire gallery. Click, Update!

You can also over-ride this feature when you create a new item. Say you want everything to be at 15% but have a painting that you want set at 50%. You can just change this at the time you create your product.

Tip # 9 - Choose your model
You can now pick which model you would like to have advertise your T-Shirt. Just choose your model under "Apparel Options" when you create a T-Shirt. Try and pick a model that wears your design well!

Tip # 10 - Advertise
Now that you have an awesome gallery you need to advertise it. Below are some great links to advertise your New Zazzle Gallery on.


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